In this freelance opportunity, I assisted a local shop owner new to
eCommerce business. As a result of COVID-19, the owner was transferring
their business completely online. I provided PPC (Instagram Ads through
Facebook Ads Manager), SEO and Google Analytics services for the client.

The main goal with the advertising campaigns was to convert social media
users into paying customers. I worked towards this goal by testing ads on
different audience groups within the US. Through testing, I discovered that
users from California were engaging with our ads the most. Therefore, I
recommended increasing the budget on ads targeted to California users for
maximum return on investment. Once the advertising campaigns started running, I created Google Data Studio and Google Analytics reports to provide an overview on campaign metrics. These reports were presented to the client in an effort to
continually improve their digital presence.

Since the client was relatively new to Instagram, I also trained them on
Instagram best practices. Some of these best practices included placing
the post caption in the first comment, writing simple and clear captions, and
using carousel posts to showcase several products at once. Next, I ran heatmaps reports to track user activity on the client’s website. I used these reports to determine whether users were successfully navigating the website and placing items in their cart.
Finally, I consulted the client on SEO best practices. I updated the homepage copy to better match search queries on Google. I also revised the Google Search Title & Snippet to be more readable and user-friendly. 




Network Referrals Report April 2020

Data Studio Report

Analytics Analysis