I was engaged by the client to create an email campaign promoting the
launch of their new website. This email campaign can be found here:


The email campaign was organized by utilizing an email launch schedule.
This schedule included email status, send date/time, objective, subject line,
preview text and creative included in the email. The objective for all three
emails was to generate awareness and excitement for the launch of the
new company website.
The first email introduced the email subscribers to the incoming new
website. Here, I listed the date and time when audience members could
expect the new site to launch. I also encouraged the reader to share the
news with their social networks by linking the company social pages below
the email.

The second email reminded the audience of the website launch in two
days. Just like the first email, I mentioned the company’s socials. This time,
however, I encouraged readers to follow the company’s socials for behind
the scenes updates on the company.
The final email was sent right when the new website launched online. This
email included a note from the owners thanking their customers and
igniting excitement for the launch. The email also featured a link where the
audience could visit the official site for the first time.