How to grow your B2C on LinkedIn this year

How To Grow Your B2C On LinkedIn This Year

LinkedIn currently serves over 700 million members, including 180 million+ in the US alone.

What’s more, 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content.

On a social network filled with B2B advertising, how can your B2C fight through the noise and connect with potential clientele?

Implement these three steps to grow your B2C on LinkedIn this year:

Utilize LinkedIn Advertising

Did you know?

Social Media Today describes LinkedIn as “a hugely influential social network where B2C’s can thrive.”

Put your B2C on the right path by utilizing the site’s advertising function-LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

Once your company starts placing ads, you’ll be positioning your brand and product/service on a site that can reach 12% of the world’s population.

Still reluctant in placing B2C advertisements on LinkedIn?

Consider this – Due to low B2C content, users may be more likely to interact with a B2C ad on LinkedIn (compared to Facebook and Instagram where B2C content is more common).

To kick off your first advertising campaign, consider targeting users that recently updated their job location within your local market. These users may be looking for local products or services, allowing you to position content that matches their needs.

Differ Tone and Copy for Each Social Site

Does your company post across different social media sites?

Differing post copy between social profiles generates a different experience for users who follow your brand on several social sites.

On LinkedIn specifically, post copy follows a more business professional tone that users have come to expect.

This business professional tone differs from social sites such as Facebook and Instagram where the tone is more relaxed.

Speaking to your customers with this tone on LinkedIn will make it clear that you’re talking directly to them, and offering your product or service as a solution to their problem.

Looking forward, your company can ensure usage of differing tone and copy by creating a content calendar that plans out copy ahead of posting.

Take Advantage of LinkedIn’s Tagging Feature

Does your business have a company page on LinkedIn? (If not, here’s how to make one.)

If so, one tactic to implement is tagging employees when mentioning them in company posts.

This action notifies the team member of the tag, allowing them to share the original post within their LinkedIn network. Consequently, their LinkedIn network is now aware of your company’s existence.

Tagging can also be useful when posting about complementary companies.

When sharing content posted from different websites, make sure to tag that website within your post description.

Tagging this website alerts the entity of your presence and can help grow your influence within the business community.

This tag also encourages the entity to return the favor and share your company’s content in the future.


Looking forward, your B2C can grow on LinkedIn by implementing the following steps:

  1. Utilize LinkedIn Advertising
  2. Differ Tone and Copy For Each Social Site
  3. Take Advantage of LinkedIn’s Tagging Feature

Interested in growing your B2C on LinkedIn? Contact me to learn how I can help your business find success on LinkedIn!

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