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Hello and welcome!

Eppen Digital is a marketing firm that helps grow your business online.

At Eppen Digital, I utilize specific unpaid and paid methods to develop your business’ digital presence. Unpaid methods include organic social media posting, content marketing and SEO. Meanwhile, paid methods include social media ads, Google Search Ads and Google Display Ads.

When working with clients, I understand that every situation is different. This is why I take the time to learn how you value success. Once we determine your goals, I plot the road map to online success for your business. This road map contains the strategy and tactics catered toward reaching these goals and growing your digital presence for years to come.

My Background

I pursued digital marketing after years of social media-facing roles focused on building and promoting brands online. These social media roles include everything from promoting my personal musician brand all the way up to community management responsibilities at the City of Janesville. Here are just some of the brands I’ve worked with for social media:

In addition, I also bring a deep background in content writing. While studying Journalism and Public Relations at UW-Whitewater, I sharpened writing skills and laid the groundwork for marketing knowledge to come. Post graduation, I worked at Zywave, where I wrote client-facing material and weekly blog posts. These writing skills were later heightened through studying HubSpot’s content marketing certification.

Beyond freelance client work, I’ve also worked at an agency. While at Charleston|Orwig, I created, managed and optimized organic and paid social posts for clients in the agriculture industry. This opportunity gave me the experience necessary to offer paid advertising services to freelance clients. Here are some of the brands I’ve worked with for paid advertising:

My skills and experience are backed by certifications from Google Analytics, Google Ads and HubSpot Marketing.

My Goals

Beyond providing clients with the best experience possible, I aim to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Help clients find success in promoting their service(s) or product(s) online.
  2. Educate clients on the digital marketing methods and terminology necessary for growth online. 
  3. Continue learning and sharpening skills so I can provide clients with the best value possible.

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Interested in learning how I can help your business grow online? Contact me to get started today!

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